Sleeping Shepherd Boy

Artist: John Gibson
Period: 1834
Material: Marble
Location: Walker Art Gallery
Dimensions: 55 x 101 x 112 cm
Scanned: 2016
Scanner: Artec Spider

Gibson eagerly made copies, reduced-size replicas, and repetitions of his statues and reliefs for patrons who visited his Roman studio.24 With some of these, Gibson made repetitions with minor changes. For instance, the three extant repetitions in marble of The Sleeping Shepherd Boy, first modeled in 1818, each show changes, including the position and size of the shepherd’s staff, hat, and cloak, the style of his hair, and the presence or absence of a lizard on the tree trunk. In general, however, the basic form of the shepherd is the same and thus easily recognizable to those who know Gibson’s work.